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Polio the 1% Solution

People & Power investigates the global fight against polio with Sorious Samura.


This film highlights regional HIV/AIDS struggles in Asia, E. Europe and Africa; bought to life through personal stories sourced and filmed in Thailand, Russia and South Africa. Premiered at UN Special Summit on HIV/AIDS with Kofi Annan. June 2006 ICRC film

Helping Hands Film

This is a clip from a 30 min film on destitute men, women and abandoned babies in Chennai, India for a charity called Udavum Karangal (Helping Hands). The film was produced to raise funding and awareness of the charities work.

NHS: A Healthier Bedfordshire

A glossy promotional film for the NHS, commissioned to demonstrate the importance of creating a health service that is responsive to its clients needs.

State of Denial (Channel 4)

This was a 12 min news feature on the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the Caribbean in collaboration with Tobagonian HIV/AIDS charity OASIS. Produced with Insight News Television.

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