Our films have been used for online campaigns, PR material for broadcast, viral marketing and as part of social media campaigns. These are some of the challenges our team has met:

"We need a series of films to introduce the sessions at Zeitgeist 2007" Google

"How can we spread global awareness of UNEP's international year of the forest campaign? UNEP Communications Team

"How can we show our local public that we are listening to them?" NHS Primary Trust, Bedford

Let us help you find the most effective media solution:

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  Branding Today & Tomorrow
We are now witnessing a new era of engagement between consumers and some of the world's leading brands.
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  Supporting Forests
Spreading awareness of the UN's Year of the Forest Campaign 2011
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  NHS Film
A glossy promotional film for the NHS, commissioned to demonstrate the importance of creating a health service that is responsive to its clients needs.
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